After a loved one passes away, you are left with your head reeling and your heart hurting. During this difficult time you may be called on to plan a funeral, pay off the last debts of your loved one, and transfer property to heirs.  Elizabeth Martindell is able to help guide you through probate law in Marion, Ohio.  Call us today to schedule a consultation!

There are several ways that property may be transferred upon death. Transfer on death designations and property held in trust will transfer outside of probate. Any other property must go through probate. Probate is a process supervised by a court. The court used must be in the county where the deceased person resided or held property.

If the deceased person executed a will, his or her property is distributed according to the terms of the will. If no will exists, the property will be distributed to the heirs at law. This is most often a spouse and children, though it may extend to parents, siblings, or to other extended family members.

Elizabeth Martindell understands that this is a challenging time for you. She and her staff will work with you to transfer any property as smoothly as possible.  If you need a probate attorney in Marion or the surrounding counties of Wyandot, Crawford, Morrow, Delaware, Union, and Hardin, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Check out our Probate Resources page for additional information about probate.

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